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  • Authorities searching for missing Bushnell man

  • Objections to birth control dispensing vending machine

  • Teacher testing controversy


  • Weather Babies: July 16th- 20th

  • Weather Babies: July 9th- 13th

  • Weather Babies: July 2nd- July 6th

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To get into great shape, it is generally accepted that some aerobic training will be needed. However the type of training and the methods used will differ from person to person, and to achieve superior results it is important to select an activity that will work to ones best advantage.

It is hoped this article will have made clear the benefits aerobic training holds and the methods available.

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About the Author

David Robson

As an active martial artist, bodybuilder and accredited personal trainer, David employs the latest cutting edge research to enhance his own progress.

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( Dana )

Nice stuff.

January 21st, 2018
Jimrocks ( Jim )

Great article.

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Attempts to capture our workplace personality have, after all, suffered a chequered record in the past

“As a conversation starter, it’s a good tool, but if you are using it on a large scale to predict performance or to try and find high-performing candidates, it doesn’t work,” says Ian MacRae, a psychologist and co-author of the book High Potential .

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of University College London have now identified six traits that are consistently linked to workplace success, which they have now combined into the High Potential Trait Inventory (HPTI).

Nurturing your curiosity may help you to learn more easily, increase your overall job satisfaction and protect you from burnout (Credit: Getty Images)

MacRae points out that each trait may also have drawbacks at extremes, meaning there is an optimal value of each one. He also emphasises that the relative importance of each trait will be determined by the job you are doing, so the particular thresholds would need to be adapted depending on whether you are hoping to succeed in, say, a technical position. But the version of the test that I have seen was focused on leadership roles.

With this in mind, the six traits are:


Conscientious people commit themselves to plans and make sure they carry them out to the letter. They are good at overcoming their impulses and thinking about the wisdom of their decisions for the long-term. After IQ, conscientiousness is often considered one of the best predictors of life outcomes like educational success . At work, high conscientiousness is essential for good strategic planning, but in excess it may also mean that you are too rigid and inflexible.


Everyone faces anxieties, but people with high adjustment can cope with them more easily under pressure, without allowing it to negatively influence their behaviour and decision-making. People with low scores on this scale do appear to suffer from poor performance at work, but you can mitigate those effects with the right mindset. Various studies have shown that reframing a stressful situation as a potential source of growth – rather than a threat to their wellbeing – can help people to recover from negative situations more quickly and more productively.

Ambiguity acceptance

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James Ferrell Sunday 6 October 2013

Like Dan above I hear the lyrics as being related to the death of Paul’s mother.

It’s a beautiful song. But the big revelation to me when it came out was Paul’s guitar playing on the tuned down Martin. It’s such a great natural idiosyncratic strumming style and every time he reverts to it (e.g.Heart of the Country, Here Today) it really affects me.

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BILLY SHEARS Monday 7 October 2013

Nothing Paul did while in Wings compares to this song. Wings produced mostly sappy gobbly-de-gook . Paul was what – 23 – 24 years old when he wrote this masterpiece? The PID folks can certainly use this song as evidence that that master is no longer with us.

Water Falls Thursday 5 March 2015

I couldnt disagree more with this entire comment. Wings was a fantastic band with a catalogue of great songs that I dare say would have been just as beloved if part of the Beatles catalogue. You sound like a nutcase PIDer or a Lennonista bitter that John isn’t still around to show us all what’s what or just a plain old Paul hater! Paul McCartney is ICONIC in his status as a LIVING Legend which he has earned through hard work, brilliant songwriting and music, scaling many genres, beautiful singing. He is beloved the world over by many fans and admirers, of all ages, and races. You may not like it, you don’t have to, but he is and that is that. Deal with it!

Johan Cavalli Friday 14 February 2014

Important to know. 1. the idea with strings was George Martin´s idea, not McCartney´s. Without the strings, the song would never been that success. 2. The melody was inspired by Lennon´s Do You Want to Know a Secret? The same upclimbing melody.

Ray Sunday 9 March 2014

Do you have a source for your second claim? I really don’t have the same impression.

Robert Wednesday 5 October 2016

Of course you would make this (point number 2 above) claim. In your opinion John Lennon WAS The Beatles and Paul, George and Ringo were merely his sidemen. You,sir, couldn’t be more wrong.

stpaul Thursday 29 June 2017

Paul has said many times the song came to him in a dream and when he awoke with it he thought it was an old standard. This directly contradicts your second claim, does it not?

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